Glam - $90

Intense glam - $100

All makeovers include complimentary lashes of your choice.

wedding trial

Trial makeup- $100

Having a wedding trial is very important to ensure we get your desired look perfect before your important day. We pay extreme attention to detail, take our time to make any little tweaks and final touches. 

The trial is also a great time for us to work out the schedule for the day.


Bride- $100

Bridesmaids- $90

Mother of bride or groom- $90

Flower girl and kids under 12- complimentary

lash lift & tint

Eyelash lift- $60 

includes free tint.

Tint on its own- $15

Eyelash lift- $50

Eyelash lifts are a great alternative to eyelash extensions if you don't like the maintenance of the extensions, or already have naturally long lashes, that are just not curly. An eyelash lift consists of perming your natural lashes (without any damage), giving them a beautiful curl that lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle.


HD Brows - $40

Brow tint - $15

Brow wax only - $20

High definition brows consist of waxing, shaping, trimming, tinting and styling.

This will last up to 1-2 weeks on the skin, and 4-6 weeks on the brow hair. 

HD Brows give the effect of microblading, without the pain!

teeth whitening
travel costs

Central Coast- free

Newcastle- $50

Hunter Valley- $50

Sydney Region- $70 



Basic- $40

Glam- $60

2 feature nails- $45

Mystery- from $45



Basic- $20

Glam- $35

2 feature nails- $25


Gel polish manicure- $25

Full acrylic removal- $25

The triple treatment is our most popular treatment.

This Treatment remains the most popular, as each individual achieves the best and most visible results. This treatment involves 3 x 20 minute sessions in the one sitting, and will bring your teeth up 5 to 7 shades whiter. 
 Triple treatment cost- $180

We do recommend a 6 week top up, to maintain your white smile. If a top up is booked following your inital triple treatment, the cost of the follow up will be $100, and if booked at a later date will be $150.

6-12 month top ups for existing clients are at a discounted price of $100

When making your booking, we will send you a quick consultation to make sure you are able to proceed with the service.

Our product used is 18% carbamide peroxide.